Participatory Futures Practitioner Design Course

Join the Action Foresight Global Swarm for a unique and custom learning experience as we explore approaches, cases, and assessment models for designing, implementing, and evaluating participatory futures engagements!


Learn how to apply futures thinking toward 21st century challenges, gain an in-depth understanding of participatory futures approaches through exercises and case studies, and gather tips and tricks for designing and delivering participatory futures engagements from leading practitioners.


Participatory futures refers to a range of approaches for involving citizens in exploring or shaping potential futures. It aims to influence and encourage long-term thinking and actions in the present.

Our course is designed to give you and your organization an introduction to:

  • Applying futures thinking at individual, communal, and organizational scales
  • Understanding the five approaches to participatory futures
  • Analyzing case studies of participatory futures from around the world
  • Designing more inclusive, imaginative, and impactful participatory futures engagements
  • Utilizing methods such as gaming and artifacts from the future(s)

Is this for me?

  • Do want to enhance your knowledge of futures/foresight through hands-on approaches and case studies?
  • Are you a practitioner/research who wants to enhance their capability in futures and foresight?
  • Are you an experienced practitioner/research interested in enhancing how you utilize participatory approaches?
  • Are you a civil servant seeking to leverage citizen involvement, collective intelligence, and critical creativity to enhance decision-making as well as policy, planning, and strategy development processes?
  • Do you work with communities, social movements, and/or any organization/institution that engages in citizen and public engagement?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is for you!

How much?

Standard registration: $750 AUD

Take advantage of our Primer2020, professional futurist membership, (APF, WFSF, and WFS) and student discount: $645 AUD


Starts on August 30th and runs through September 10th.

Cohort #1 meets at:
5am Toronto / Santiago
10am London
230pm Delhi
7pm Melbourne

Cohort #2 meets at:
3pm Boulder (day before)
5pm Santiago (day before)
10pm London (day before)
7am Melbourne (next day)

We are committed to running sessions at times that work for everyone and will also make session recordings and materials available to all participants.


Want to learn more about the curriculum?

Have questions about the course?

Want to chat before you sign up? Let us know!



The Action Foresight Global Swarm (hereafter Swarm) is a network of researchers, practitioners, and pracademics. We represent a diverse array of geographies, context, as well as a range of unique professional backgrounds and experiences. We first swarmed together in 2019 for a project with NESTA to research participatory futures, which led to the publication of this guidebook: Our Futures: By the people, for the people. We enjoyed working together so much that we are publishing a book together and decided to launch this course.

Key details

  • We will do a brief refresher on the basics of futures/foresight (first session)
  • 7 session totaling 10-hours over 10 days (Aug 30 to Sep 9th) as well as an individual, one-hour coaching/mentoring session (with two members of the Swarm) that will be scheduled in the weeks after the course concludes
  • We will use Miro, Zoom, and Mentimeter to create an engaging and hands-on learning experience
  • Cohorts are capped at 20 to maximize shared learning
  • We aim for maximum convenience in terms of timing, and depending on the number and location of the course attendees, we may offer multiple cohorts by region and/or experience level
  • Participants will receive a “Certification of Completion” upon successfully finishing the course

If you’d like to learn more about any aspect of the course or have questions not answered here, please reach out and let’s chat!