Systemic leadership and strategic foresight

Action ​F​or​esight​ ​has for several years run a​ course​ on​ systemic leadership and strategic foresight.
The course aims to help people develop “Anticipatory leadership (leadership ​through future awareness) ​and ​”​Systemic leadership​” (​leadership through alignment between personal, organisational and societal futures). The course helps participants to use the future to be able to tackle problems creatively, develop flexible mindsets and solve problems as an ecosystem (a systemic solutions space).  
It is a two day course that covers: ​
  • Leadership / alignment with values
  • Basics of foresight
  • Anticipating / Navigating change
  • The “systemic leadership triangle”
  • Elements of the Six Pillars method
  • Elements of the 3 horizons method
  • Elements of Anticipatory Experimentation
  • Using the future as a resource
​The course is highly interactive and is run through: ​
  • Action learning​ / Project based​ ​collaboration​
  • ​Cross disciplinary teams
  • ​Fun activities, e.g. games
  • Participation​ ​
  • Reflection
  • Imagination
Day 1:
  • ​Futures consciousness – finding power and hope
  • From cognition of the future to action
  • Alternative Futures archetypes
  • Human blindspots and challenges in thinking about the future
  • Mapping change and anticipating change
​Day 2:
  • Three horizons ​method
  • Challenging the used future
  • Envisioning the preferred
  • Dealing with wicked problems
  • Designing an experiment / intervention