About Us

Who We Are

We are a leading provider of foresight services, supporting a broad range of organizations,  institutions and groups across all sectors to envision and create the future they want.

Our mission is to engender holistic, integrated and innovative futures thinking and practice for our clients and partners, which leave people empowered and capable in respect to their future challenges.

We value: open-minded, creative, eclectic and synergistic thinking that provides unique and novel avenues and strategies; experimentation as a pathway to transitions and transformations; fun and play as a way of working and learning together; solidarity and partnership in supporting each other through thick and thin; and building an ecosystem of collaboration and dynamic exchange.

Our goals are to support prosperity, wellbeing, deep sustainability, social justice, equity, participation, inclusion and peace for the long term benefit of people and planet.   

We believe that foresight is an integral part of organizational and societal health. Long-term thinking supports wise decision-making, creating better social outcomes for all. We are interconnected in a shared and common future. Integrating approaches that mutualize personal, social and planetary well-being is the pathway to creating our preferred futures.

We are unique in our ability to link transformative foresight with breakthrough action.  


What We Do

Foresight trainings – we design and deliver a wide range of foresight training packages, from one day intensive programs that jumpstart futures thinking, and two week action learning courses that build in capacity, to year long programs with dedicated mentoring that build high level skill and mastery.

Organizational futures workshops – we design and deliver a number of organizational futures, visioning and strategy workshops, that help organizations to understand the critical emerging issues impacting their sector, and to develop viable and powerful new visions and pathways.

Research and writing – we conduct a wide range of research projects, which translate into a variety of texts, reports and scenarios.

Speaking – we speak on a wide range of subjects relating to the future, emerging issues, social transformations, images of the future, and emerging strategic pathways.

Consulting – we advise and support clients in the use of strategic foresight as well as the strategic implications of emerging futures.


Our Approach

Our workshops are highly interactive and participatory and we include a variety of games and embodied processes.

We customize the techniques and tools to the unique issues and challenges each client faces. Our approach is highly consultative and we develop training programs side by side with you so that it is tailored to your needs.

We seek to help people to challenge their assumptions about the future, as this is the pathway to identifying blind spots and being able to see the future with greater flexibility and openness

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