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Action Foresight is a consulting and research group that focuses on linking foresight with present day action.

We connect knowledge of the way the world is changing with our client’s vision of the kind of future that they want and value, and help to translate this into effective strategies, designs and innovations.

Our approach typically involves:

  • Research: we advise, design and implement a variety of engaged research approaches.

  • Group work and facilitation: we lead clients through engaging and thought-provoking workshops that function as a journey into the future.

  • Education and Capacity-Building: we design and deliver educational programs to expand your repertoire of thinking and practice skills.

  • Presentations and Keynotes: we deliver tailored presentations on a range of topics.

Beginnings can be messy and fragile, and big changes often start with small conversations. That is why we focus on supporting people in planting and nurturing the seeds of change; which can ultimately create an optimal and exciting future.

Our work centers around the principles of collaborative leadership and transdisciplinary inquiry.

Effectively addressing complex challenges and issues requires an approach that can bring together multiple perspectives from various disciplines, experts and organizations.

Based on a process of active and deep listening with clients, we tailor projects based on client needs, and bring together the experts and resources that are required.

Our approach to group work aims to build trust, mutual understanding and common purpose between participants and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and effective action.

We help our clients to develop a holistic understanding of the issues that they are facing, so that they can establish coherent and systemically intelligent interventions.

We bring together the short-term and the long-term, honoring the need for clients to develop both quick wins and long-term development goals.

We have noticed that one of the best aspects of the work we do is the connection and understanding it creates between people; people who may have come together for a common purpose but probably don’t know each other at all or well. Our work helps strengthen that common purpose, but it also helps us to understand each other much better, and to turn our aspirations into effective collaboration.

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