Design Breakthroughs

Explore and analyze a wide range of options ….

Build collective intelligence ….

Craft intelligent strategies …

As our world becomes more interconnected, the challenges faced by corporations, start-ups, governments and social enterprises globally have begun to have more in common. Design and innovation in this emerging global network must mix invention with exploration – great solutions build on what is already working, add genuine novelty and tailor systems or processes which work somewhere else to their new situation.

In our experience, when an organisation looks outward, in a thorough way, to find inspiration wherever it may be found – rural Peru, New York city, a regional town in Henan Province – the capacity for good service or systems design becomes super-charged. We understand our problems in new ways, we appreciate the variety of possibilities and we are better equipped to craft a real breakthrough.

This interlocks with anticipation – foresight-enabled design tests and trials new ideas in multiple possible futures to help expose our assumptions, reveal the core of the design and awaken us to new alternatives to make what we might build as resilient as possible.

When an organisation sets up systems and practices to constantly hone their ability to source and gather exploratory examples from the global network, to resource their thinking and design from that information and expose new designs to the winds of emerging futures – genius results.