Vision Mapping


In the face of global disruption and change, discover the power to enact the future of your region and community.

Vision Mapping is a powerful way of reimagining our environments. It allows people to see their regions across many dimensions; the layers you create are only limited by the questions you ask. It provides a way to visualise future ecosystems and states in a granular way:

  • Use online editable maps to see the future of your environment and community in new ways
  • Develop the layers that are of interest to you, such as economic and social interactions, preferred futures and any other system relationship that is of interest to your stakeholders
  • By unlocking the power of people’s tacit knowledge, vision mapping gives communities and organisation new ways to understand the present, envision the future and identify actions to take tomorrow.

How our workshops work:

  • Action Foresight develop bespoke workshops created to meet the needs of our clients generally running over 1 – 2 days.
  • Our workshop are interactive environments using online maps and other methods.
  • We facilitate the inquiry as well as help you to learn the vision mapping process.
  • We provide dedicated support across research and development periods.

What our workshops deliver:

  • See the hidden layers in your area of interest
  • Identify the ecosystems to nurture to promote change
  • Develop a plan for your preferred future, grounded in the real geography of your community
  • Create a visual map of present and future states. Use this map to track change and update with new ideas.
  • Capture street level data (e.g. photos) integrated into the map

How vision mapping can be applied to your needs.

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Maps strengths, agents of change and inspiring ideas

Use tags and other icons to map strengths and seeds of change in your community and focus your activity to promote the change you need.

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Understand how geography and systems shape your community

Using tagging and line interactions, map out the relationships between stakeholders and map preferred future ecosystems.

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Uncover the stories that shape your community

Use map layers to look back and uncover the history and hidden narratives that shape your community and how these can be retold to shape a new future.

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