José Ramos – Director

I help people and organizations bring their preferred futures into the present through experiments that can be scaled for impact. My work helps people generate breakthroughs, deep learning, an inner confidence in the ability to solve problems, and a shift toward an empowered future-facing culture.   

People have the power to imagine and create the future: policies, businesses, social innovations, designs, that lead to qualitative breakthroughs and which take them on whole new paths. The seeds which are planted today and are nurtured become the towering trees of tomorrow. From little things big things come. From small experiments can come the great systems of tomorrow. We must respect the small experiments. We need a diversity of experiments in our lives, our cities, our cultures, because this is the way in which we are able to adapt and grow in the face of future challenges. We can grow confident in the space of the unknown through experimentation. We may not know what the best or right solution is to an issue facing us, but by experimenting we begin to grow confident in the process of testing solutions and we become resilient in the face of outcomes (failure is reframed as learning). Ultimately we become skilled at trying new things and finding solutions even when we don’t understand the issue completely.

I work in partnership with an ecosystem of creative people to develop high impact projects where clients imagine, design and innovate breakthroughs that lead to transformation and foundational wellbeing.

I have taught foresight, public policy and social innovation at a number of universities, including at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Swinburne University of Technology, and the University of Sunshine Coast. I am senior consulting editor for the Journal of Future Studies, and have over 50 publications spanning economic, cultural foresight and political change. I am an honorary fellow with the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing. Full CV

Gareth Priday – Senior Consultant and Partner

I’m a foresight practitioner and researcher with a focus on systemic innovation and Living Labs. I bring together researchers, businesses and end-users to co-create solutions to a real life problems. I help participants to work together to understand end-user needs, create design solutions, develop prototypes and test commercial products.

I put special emphasis on end-user involvement and the use of real life contexts throughout the development cycle of the products or services.

I am a co-founder of the Australian Living Labs Innovation Network (ALLIN), held a research positions with the Queensland University of Technology (Smart Services CRC) as a foresight researcher, and am an entrepreneur. I hold a Masters of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University and have published in the Journal of Futures Studies and presented at a number Futures and Innovation conferences.

My first career was in the financial services sector working for large international banks in the UK and Australia (UBS Warburg, Macquarie, ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Scotland) where I delivered on large scale global projects.

Mahesh Kandasamy – Administration

I specialise in the design and build of community enterprises that drive and thrive within the New Economy. I draw on the principles of deep ecology to work with innovators and change makers within community groups and organisations to build cooperative, ethical and local community owned enterprises.

I am a business and finance consultant with 20 years of experience working within the Banking and Social Enterprise sectors. I am passionate about supporting the creation of a world that is fair, just, sustainable and fun to live in. I strongly believe that this is possible through the development of a New Economy – one that puts the planet and the people at the centre. To that end, I am currently engaged in research work in the field of ecological economics and also exploring the potential of complementary, community currencies for social reform.

I hold a Masters in Sustainability and Social Change, Grad Cert in Social Impact and a Professional Qualification in Management Accounting.

De Chantal Hillis – Research Coordinator

I establish programs for the purposes of community development, education and sustainability. I have extensive experience in community engagement, and regularly work with newly arrived cultural groups.

I have initiated and developed projects with a range of stakeholders including: Maribyrnong City Council, the City of Port Phillip, Musica Viva Australia and the MMVLLEN. I also write about contemporary education and sustainability issues for magazines such as: Shareable (USA) and Earth Garden (AU).

I hold a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Melbourne, where I also taught theory of pedagogy. I also hold postgraduate qualifications in Asian Studies. In a previous life, I was a classroom teacher at Geelong Grammar School.

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