Marcus Bussey – Six Shamanic Concepts

Six Shamanic Concepts from Jose Ramos on Vimeo.

My students at the University of Sunshine Coast were intrigued by Prof Marcus Bussey’s Six Shamanic Concepts – yet they found it a challenging read and wanted a more accessible bridge to the ideas.

I promised them that I would interview Marcus and ask him about the idea, in a way that was more directly related to the practice of futures / foresight.
The six concepts are a coherent philosophical system for transformation and emancipatory foresight work. The idea include:

1.    geophilosophy;
2.    rhizome;
3.    intercivilisational dialogue;
4.    heterotopia;
5.    immanence; and
6.    hybridity.

They draw from broad influences but have anchors in critical theory, post-structuralism, and post colonial development discourse, among many others.
Filming and editing in the end proved logistically and technically challenging – as I was a solo interviewer / technician – I had various audio and video issues arise and the editing was dogged by poor software and my own time and skill limitations.

But the result is a watchable and a very interesting version of the Six Shamanic Concepts, with some technical rough spots attributed to my own lack of skill. I pushed Marcus to apply his ideas to the practice of foresight, who responded with a rather brilliant explanations of how it applies. He navigates the ideas like a skilled captain amid a sea of heterotopic possibilities.