Intuition and Foresight: The Inner Game

For years I’ve benefited greatly from the work of and association with teachers and friends in the  domain of foresight and futures studies who have brought intuition into the field. There are too many to name, but have spanned at least 3 continents!

Just recently Oliver Markley edited a special symposium of the Journal of Futures Studies on Intuition in Futures Studies that I was able to contribute to. Writing the essay allowed me to reflect on my own journey and the place of intuition within what I consider to to be the social science field of futures studies. The essay is titled The Inner Game of Futures. Here is an introduction to the essay:

“This essay details my own learning and experiences with respect to intuition and futures
studies. The essay is in part an auto-ethnographic narrative that attempts to situate my own
personal experiences in a broader cultural context. It also describes intuitions’ pivotal role
in both bringing me to futures studies and guiding me within futures studies. I employ the
voice dialog perspective of Hal and Sidra Stone (1989) to shed light on intuition’s place in
an ecology of ‘inner’ selves, and I also employ the action research framework developed
by Reason and Bradbury (2001) to make sense of intuition’s place in an approach to
triangulation for futures research.”

Many thanks to all those that have contributed, friends and teachers that have formed the supportive community that has helped to bring this forth.