Action Research

Action research is an approach to organizational inquiry where researchers provide consulting services in close collaboration with key people in an organization.

Action research is a valuable approach because the research process is directly informed by the needs of organizational members (instead of research being outsourced or disconnected from organizational life).

We specialize in linking strategic foresight with action research methodology. This means that your organization’s exploration of changing dynamics in your sector (issues and trends) and the preferred future vision you hold for your organization, is coupled directly to the development of actionable and intelligent strategic pathways and the development of capabilities.

We have over a decade of experience exploring and designing approaches that suit client’s diverse needs.

Projects that have taken Action Research approaches include:

Financial Resilience Living Lab

The Foresight Epidemic

Bendigo a Thinking Community

Community Pulse Project Strategic Evaluation

Publications developing Action Research approaches include:

Forging the Synergy between Anticipation and Innovation: The Futures Action Model

Futures Education as Temporal Conscientization

Dimensions in the confluence of futures studies and action research

Empowering Entrepreneurship Through Foresight and Innovation

Action Research As Foresight Methodology