jose ramos

José Ramos

My work focuses on foresight-informed breakthrough design and innovation for systemic transformation. I believe we create audaciously positive futures by planting the seeds of that future today. Yes dream the future, but also create it through our actions in the present. To thrive in the 21st century and create the world we want, we need…

Our Team

Action Foresight is a consulting and research group that focuses on linking foresight with present day action. We connect knowledge of the way the world is changing with our client’s vision of the kind of future that they want and value, and help to translate this into effective strategies, designs and innovations. Our approach typically…


Tim Mansfield

Dr. Tim Mansfield has been working as a futurist at the intersection of research and commercial practice since 2008. Tim is an enthusiastic and thought-provoking speaker on social and technological trends in the emerging future, and has presented for Westpac, KPMG and to many academic audiences. He has led futures visioning workshops for the NORA…


Gareth Priday

Gareth Priday is a foresight practitioner and researcher. He he holds a futures research position with the Queensland University of Technology (Smart Services CRC). He has published in the Journal of Futures Studies and presented at a number Futures and Innovation conferences. Gareth holds a Masters of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University. His first career…


De Chantal Hillis

De Chantal establishes programs for the purposes of community development, education and sustainability. She has extensive experience in community engagement, and regularly works with newly arrived cultural groups. De Chantal has initiated and developed projects with a range of stakeholders including: Maribyrnong City Council, the City of Port Phillip, Musica Viva Australia and the MMVLLEN….