Here is my contribution to the new Mayan Baktun, for what it is worth. Earlier this year Anita Kelleher invited me to give a talk on the idea of the ‘planetary self’ at the Asia Pacific Foresight Conference. She and others put together a lovely friday evening at the Perth Planetarium, on the theme of Planetary Futures, where Joe Voros talked about inter-galactic futures, Anita talked about transforming global governance and I did my planetary self bit.

I really enjoyed the opportunity and experience. It was wonderful to be with so many friends and to share my story with those who might appreciate it. I could imagine other audiences throwing tomatos at me. Actually, there were a few hecklers, but indeed the routine was designed for some light heckling. The talk was somewhat modeled on Sohail Inayatullah’s “Why I hate passports and visas“, a very entertaining and humorous paper linking the personal and political. But I can’t give this all the credit, William Irvin Thompson’s whimsical and insightful comments about growing up in LA also are a strong influence. But most of all the great memories I have with the many people I’ve shared life’s path with. I’m incredibly nostalgic, but I feel I need to be to honor the significance of the connections. And of course I could not talk about everyone, so hopefully more on the way, and as well the caveat that, my version of events is just that…

Themes include intercultural hybridity, global consciousness, relational enmeshment, localization and globalization, post-essential identity, whiteness, cultural imperialism, de-colonization, and other freakish terms fit for post-normal times.

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