Anticipatory Governance: Strategic Design Service

One of the most pressing challenges faced today, is how to develop government decision-making processes that are responsive to long-term societal challenges and which are flexible in turbulent and changing environments. The Anticipatory Governance strategy development service exists to help governments and organizations choose and design the right approach among a number of approaches to building-in foresight capacity into their organization.

The service is based on comprehensive research and expertise in the field, developed through a research fellowship in 2012 at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (National University of Singapore), where Jose Ramos researched, designed and delivered a course on foresight strategies for public policy for Masters students. The fellowship led to this research paper: Anticipatory Governance.

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Anticipatory governance describes a number of approaches to building-in foresight capacity into policy development and governance processes. Anticipatory governance strategies are used by dozens of governments from around the world. In development for over 40 years, they include a variety of strategies. The research at NUS uncovered a ‘design space’ for Anticipatory Governance, in particular the following seven strategies.

• Anticipatory Democracy,
• Transition Management,
• Integrated Anticipatory Governance,
• Science, Technology and Innovation Foresight,
• Network / Crowd Foresight,
• City and regional foresight-informed strategic planning, and
• The development of  independent Futures research and advisory organizations ( such as commissions)

Taken together,  the variety of approaches comprise a strategic design space for Anticipatory Governance.

This unique consulting service helps organizations to choose the right approaches to apply. We diagnose the key needs, issues, challenges and intentions that need to inform an organization’s development of their unique Anticipatory Governance strategy.  We help to conceptualize, design and tailor the Anticipatory Governance approach best suited for the organisations circumstances. We offer critical guidance in putting an Anticipatory Governance system in place.


  1. Awareness and depth understanding of a variety of Anticipatory Governance strategies.
  2. Support in evaluating which Anticipatory Governance strategies match the contextual circumstances and organisational needs.
  3. Support in designing the most effective and appropriate strategy mix for an organization.

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