Action Foresight is a pacific rim business developed to address the deep sustainability challenges of the 21st century. We specialize in linking long term thinking (strategic foresight / futures studies) with present centered and action oriented processes (social innovation, enterprise design, collaboration building and communication).

The world is calling for new approaches to addressing the pressing sustainability challenges of the 21st century. We hold, foster and build novel thinking and strategy for approaching complex challenges.

We take a craft approach. While the challenges we face are systemically inter-connected, and require systems thinking, we also feel the great diversity of challenges faced by myriad communities are unique, and require uniquely tailored research, thinking, and intervention strategies.

Our areas of expertise include:

Urban and Community Sustainability (Strategies)
Strategic Foresight and Futures Studies (Methods, Approaches, Perspectives)
Global Dynamics of Change (Theories, Concepts, Trends, Models)
Action / Innovation Oriented Research and Evaluation (Design and Implementation)
Approaches to Collaboration Building (Strategy and Design)
Social Media for Social Change (Video, Audio, Platform Development)

“Action Foresight” means inquiry into the nature of emerging challenges and problems, and developing novel and tailored approaches or solutions to addressing them. Effective inquiry begins by asking powerful questions, such as:

  • What are our emerging challenges in the 21st century?
  • Who are developing approaches and solutions to these challenges?
  • What is the nature of the challenges we are facing?
  • What strategies exist in addressing these challenges?
  • How do we design and innovate approaches to addressing these challenges?

Addressing our shared challenges means both inquiring into the nature of our shared challenges and innovating solutions to them. This is the essence of what ‘Action Foresight’ means!

We are located in East Coast Australia (Melbourne) and West Coast USA (Los Angeles), but work regionally and via tele-presence.   Our services include:

  •     Facilitation (we can design and facilitate engaging and thought provoking workshops that serve a variety of purposes)
  •     Research (we can advise, design implement a variety of social research approaches)
  •     Education (we can design and deliver educational programs)
  •     Presentation (we can deliver tailored presentations on a variety of topics as per our areas of expertise)

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