José Ramos

My work focuses on foresight-informed breakthrough design and innovation for systemic transformation. I believe we create audaciously positive futures by planting the seeds of that future today. Yes dream the future, but also create it through our actions in the present.

To thrive in the 21st century and create the world we want, we need bold imagination, creativity and unprecedented initiative. I help generate empowered responses to our opportunities and challenges, by supporting ideation, design and innovation. This includes:

– Doing it: as an advocate and change maker I present bold ideas and designs, as well as engage in systemic change projects locally and globally.

– Researching it: I study and evaluate bold designs and experiments that hold the promise and seeds of a renewed world.

– Facilitating it: as a teacher and workshop facilitator I support people’s engagement with complex challenges and provide empowering approaches to help people more easily design and innovate breakthrough win/win solutions.

– Developing it: as a foresight and change methodologist, I experiment with and develop a wide variety of new techniques, frameworks and methods that support breakthrough design and innovation.

In partnership with an ecosystem of creative collaborators, I help people to imagine, design and innovate breakthroughs that lead to transformation and foundational wellbeing.

– I founded the consulting network Action Foresight (
– I have held academic teaching and research roles at: the National University of Singapore, Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne), Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane), Victoria University (Melbourne), Leuphana University (Germany).
– I am consulting editor for the Journal of Futures Studies (
– I have published over forty peer-reviewed articles, reports and essays (
– I have initiated and run dozens of change and research projects.

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