Action Foresight had conducted a wide range of project in the areas of futures research, sustainability, innovation and education. For more information about these projects, or to find out if one of these approaches would be suitable for your organization, please contact us.


  • Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in Tuvalu Monitoring & Evaluation Study, a UNESCO project (in progress)
  • Five day course in strategic foresight – Designed and delivered for the Organization for Islamic Cooperation in conjunction with Looking up Feeling Good (2011)
  • Community Gardening Consultation for the City of Port Phillip. We are developing an on-line gardening network to enable local residents to connect with existing and emerging gardens, as well as to start new gardens (2011 in progress).
  • Evaluation of the City of Port Phillip’s Community Pulse Project. The Community Pulse Project is one of the first community indicator projects in Australia. We are evaluating this project during its 10 year anniversary. (2011 in progress)
  • Content developer for “In Our Future” web based peer to peer foresight project. A unique example, and one of the first, of creating an open interaction platform on futures issues. (2007)
  • Co-facilitation of futures workshops for the Victorian Council of Social Services in conjunction with the Australian Foresight Institute, and facilitation at peak conference exploring the futures of disabilities services in Queensland in conjunction with Metafuture.
  • Advisory, consulting and research role for Desert Uplands Build-Up and Development Committee in Queensland. This committee, which was funded by the Queensland state government, aimed to develop research strategies for sustainable land management and economic reform. (2004)
  • Designer, educator and facilitator for the Questacon Invention Convention, in collaboration with SME Innovations. Conducted curriculum development and implemenation of a five day training program. This program gave young people greater capacity in launching progressive social ventures, by facilitating a foresight-to-enterprise action learning process. The event was developed with Questacon of The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra. (2003)
  • Process contributor for the Community Economic Futures Action Learning Circles Project, piloted in 2003 in Brisbane. Developed an initial Action Foresight process which was used by the Association for Adult Education in QLD (2002).
  • Co-designer and presenter of Univator, an action learning workshop program held at the University of Melbourne faculty of science, in conjunction with Increasing Returns Ltd., This eight session action learning workshop aimed to enhance participants foresight and innovation capacity in addressing sustainability issues. (2001)
  • Co-designer and presenter/facilitator, scenarios workshop on strategic foresight for Orica Corporation. This program was run in conjunction with Increasing Returns Ltd, and was part of the corporation’s Live Wire program. (2001)

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