Program Design and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are critical elements in ensuring successful program implementation and capturing lessons for continuous improvement. Action Foresight’s associates have extensive experience in formative evaluation to inform program design, including desktop research and stakeholder consultation.
The monitoring phase of project evaluation allows you to track progress and identify issues early during implementation, thus providing an opportunity to take corrective action or make proactive improvements as required.

End of project evaluation allows you to judge the success of the activities you undertake, and therefore provides accountability to those that fund projects. It also allows you to repeat activities that have been demonstrated to work, and you can improve on, or let go activities that do not work. Evaluation is not just about demonstrating success, it is also about learning why things don’t work. As such, identifying and learning from mistakes is one of the key elements of a useful evaluation. Evaluation is not about finding out about everything, but about finding the things that matter.

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