De Chantal Hillis has worked as a school teacher in a variety of schools, including Westbourne Grammar and Geelong Grammar school. She has been an active member of sustainability committees in these institutions. In 2008, De Chantal founded the Permaculture Playgroups initiative, an early years program which introduces children to food growing in urban settings, and promotes child-nature connection through gardening activities, and storytelling, songs, drama and child friendly experiential activities.
De Chantal is currently completing a Masters in Education at the University of Melbourne, focussing on the educational applications of Permaculture Philosophy in suburban communities. She is a committed community gardener who works with the Permaculture Out West community group, a sustainability network based in the West of Melbourne.
Her experience includes:
Community Organiser for the Permaculture Out West sustainability group. This group has coordinated and developed a variety of
projects focussed on issues of community garden and food network development in the inner West of Melbourne.
Founder: ‘Permaculture Playgroups’ initiative and education program.
Event manager: “climate conscious” concert program, the Augustine Centre.
Researcher: Permaculture and Community education approaches.
Diverse range of interests, with a focus on sustainability, permaculture, and community education strategy.
Bachelor of Music Performance: The University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies: The University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma in Education: The University of Melbourne
Masters in Sustainability Education (thesis focus: Sustainability, Community Gardening and Permaculture) The University of Melbourne – expected completion date: Mid 2012.

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