This site is dedicated to pursuing the development of ‘foresightful’ action in everyday life, linking our emerging understanding of long term sustainability challenges with new practices, initiatives, projects of innovation in the present. Together with colleagues, these concepts have developed over the years. These include:

  • ANTICIPATORY INNOVATION – The development of cognitive reflexivity in the bringing forth of novelty; and reciprocally, the development of innovation capacity as an integration into futures studies, exploration of long term horizons, and strategic foresight.
  • COMMUNITY FUTURES – Many of us feel that our communities are being overwhelmed by social change, victims of globalisation and at the mercy of great forces; we need new approaches through which communities can explore change and create the futures they and we value.
  • PLANETARY FUTURES – At present the world is mired in many problems of a planetary scale, many of which can only be solved by transcending nationalist or parochial interests and ideologies; thus a new Planetary Society is being born with a new ethos for the common good.
  • FORESIGHT AND ACTION RESEARCH / LEARNING – New approaches to research and learning have been developed that incorporate futures exploration, action and innovation, research and learning. These methodologies are important resources in navigating and thriving in our complex situations and the fuzzy logic of our emerging futures contexts.
  • ALTERNATIVE GLOBALISATION – Globalisation is ‘at the crossroads’, with the global system in crisis; there are proposals, social movements and processes, such as from the World Social Forum, that point toward a different type of globalisation that will be socially just and ecologically sustainable.
  • EMBODIED FORESIGHT – Foresight is an aspect of cognition. All people, communities, businesses, institutions, express different embodiments of time, of the past, present and future. Understanding our and others frameworks of Time allow us to see how our assumptions about the future (and past) guide and direct our actions and practices. Learning about how foresight is embodied around us can help us find new strategies, approaches or metaphors through which we can work with more sensitivity and care within systemic complexity in bringing forth holistic change.
  • INTEGRATIVE FORESIGHT – There are a diversity of approaches to futures work that are movements toward holism. Futures studies is a multi and trans disciplinary enterprise that necessarily cross great ground. Understanding the opportunities and openings this poses, as well as the potential pitfalls in such integration, is important.
  • MEDIATION OF FORESIGHT – In order to intervene effectively in the many discourses, memes, and narratives that make up the popular imaginative landscape of the future, we must understand how notions of time and change are mediated by things like film, TV, music, popular literature, and the like. We also need to engage in a wise communication of foresight, in order to create meaningful and effective change.
  • PARTICIPATORY FUTURES – The future is open, and all people, voices, hearts and minds need to be included in the conversation about our common and not so common futures, as well as included in actively creating and co-constructing these futures; this type of deep (anticipatory) democracy is a great challenge, but needed to create a world that we all have a stake in, care for and love deeply.

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