Over the next several months I’ll be posting a number of interviews and or lectures that I have conducted or attended. The interviews and lectures are essentially focused on friends or colleagues who I greatly respect and who I find fascinating, knowledgeable and worth listening to.

The following is the 1st segment of an interview I did with Tim Mansfield in Dec. 2009. I had wanted to interview Tim Mansfield for a number of reasons. First, he is by far one of the most outstanding minds and spirits I have come across in my life. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of religious history, and combines this with strong foundations in integral / integrative studies in psychology and philosophy, and he embodies a unique fusion between the ancient (as a Gnostic Johannite priest), the modern (as a PhD in Computer Science) and the post-modern (as you will hear in this audio). Tim has been a very positive influence in my life and a great friend. He has been incredibly supportive during some of my challenging times, and a joy to be with overall.

In this 1st segment of the interview, he describes his own religious and cultural background, and begins to explain some of the key reference points and context around his journey from Anglicanism to atheism and onto postmodern spirituality. The shift from premodernity to modernity is related across economic and cultural lines, in particular looking at some of the patterns among religious aesthetics and sensibility. I should also mention that this interview was conducted right after the parliament of the worlds religions held in Melbourne in 2009. I come to this with my own interest in global spiritual movements of social change, and a Westerners adulation of the Gandhian spiritual and political path.

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